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There's Always Time for Dream Building

  • We believe that kids and families have the right to learn, grow, and have foundational experiences together

  • We believe that our program must be flexible to allow students to explore, dream, make mistakes, learn, and grow

  • We believe that when given the proper resources, support, and experiences, kids and families can rise to meet high standards and positively impact their lives and the lives of the people close to them, as well as their communities. 

  • We  believe that we will positively impact the mental health, emotional health, economic health, academic health, social health, and overall well-being of the entire community. 

  • We believe that we will lower the violence rate among youth and young adults. 

Classmates in Library

Why Sunflowers? 

Sunflowers turn to face the sun, in other words, they follow the light. We work with people from under-resourced backgrounds who have not always had the privilege to dream. We help people find their light and provide supports so they can follow that light and thrive. Just like sunflowers follow the light and use it to bring beauty and nourishment to their surrounding environment, our participants use their light to positively impact their families and communities. 

*Shattering Stereotypes

*Breaking Barriers

*Erasing Boundaries

*Healing Communities


Non-Profit Venture Building Program

*Changing lives

*Giving Hope

*Avenging the Achievement Gap

*Providing Opportunities


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Program Highlights~ Stay Tuned!

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