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About Our Programs

The Achievement Gap Avengers' Dream Builders Institute is a partnership between Sunflower Education Services, Inc. and Tiger Strike Martial Arts Academy. This program functions as a venture building program and is designed to work with teenagers and young adults, as well as their immediate family members to provide experiences and resources, and extend opportunities for generational growth. Some of our activities include:

*Martial Arts and Self-Defense Training

*Single-Mom Light-Up Sessions (Support Group)

*Financial Planning

*Community Service Learning Projects

*Business Planning

*Targeted Skill Building

*Group & Private Mental Health Sessions

Program Hours of Operation

We make every effort for someone to be available to our program families at all times.  Our hours vary based on activities.



We do not charge anything for this program and make every attempt to make activities available free of charge to all program members. There may be fundraising opportunities to generate additional resources for the program. 

**All of that being said, we need supportive donors to help us bring resources and programs to resource-deprived communities! Donate now to become an Honorary Achievement Gap Avenger!!!


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Mission & Vision

The mission for Sunflower Education Services Inc. is to provide experiences and supports to teenagers and their families in resource-deprived communities. We offer educational opportunities and educational enhancement opportunities, as well as the community supports to provide for gaps in resources available to some families. 

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