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Who They Are

Part 1 of our mission is to provide students with thought provoking opportunities to explore who they are. We will provide a safe space for students to work, plan, build, and dream all while discovering who they are as an individual. 

What They Love

Every student has different interests, however most have not had the opportunity to explore a range of opportunities and really get to know what it is they love.  The 2nd part of our mission is to provide experiences and information that allow students to discover new possibilities and come to an understanding of what they love and what they love to do. 

What They Are Good At

The 3rd part of our mission is to help students discover what they are good at. All too often, society approaches learning from a deficit standpoint. They tell you what you aren't good at and you are expected to work on improving. Our mission is to help kids discover what they ARE good at and help develop the skills to continue to grow upon their strengths and work around any areas of deficit to achieve success! We are outside-of-the-box thinkers!!!

How To Monetize It

The final part of our mission is to help students take their strengths and interests and monetize them in a way that sustains them financially and positively impacts their families and communities, and ultimately has a lasting positive effect on their mental well-being. Their success will be a  direct result of their hard work, mentorship, and support! 

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