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Helping Young People Explore Their Strengths, Interests, and Passions is Key to Future Success

Access to information is at an all-time high. Most kids have at least one device they can use to search the internet, play games, and interact with other people. It’s no secret that kids are learning and developing more quickly. At the same time, education systems have made little efforts to adapt to the changing needs of all learners. That’s where Sunflower Education Services, Inc. was born!

Sunflower Education Services, Inc. helps to bridge gaps between the curriculum students are learning in schools and the skills they are interested in, passionate about, and want to explore as potential career paths. For example, Sunflower has a program that teaches middle and high school age students how to build websites that include core-content driven information and help to extend common core learning targets. We also have an entrepreneurship program where students learn how to monetize their skills, passions,and interests.

One of our middle school students created his own e-commerce website, Adonis Creations ( He has learned how to source products, how to design a website, how to set up the back office side of the website, how to set goals, and many other lessons. Some of the most powerful lessons learned come from overcoming mistakes and barriers when learning and building. When introduced to these skills at a young age and given the proper coaching and mentorship throughout, we eliminate barriers for talented, yet under-resourced young people. Adonis Creations ( is an example of how Sunflower Education Services Inc. works with young people to help them expand upon their strengths and grow within their own areas of interest and passion.

If you are a school interested in scheduling a program for students, please send us an email at

If you are as excited about helping young people discover their strengths, interests, and passions and want to donate, we would be forever grateful!!! Simply hit the donate button on our website

If you are interested in getting a student involved in one of our programs, check out our website AND send us a message! Our capabilities are flexible and we can customize programs for you!

Lastly, our community is called The Achievement Gap Avengers, because we are coming to avenge all of the kids who have fallen between the cracks and never had the chance to find their strengths, interests, and passions!

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